What You Should Do Before Taking Your Clothes to a Dry Cleaner

You may have to take your cloths to a dry cleaner even if you have a washer at home. This may be due to several reasons, such as some of your clothes having labels that stipulate that they should only be dry cleaned. This article discusses some of the things that you should do before you drop off those clothes at the dry cleaner's.

Note Down Any Stains

Examine your clothes and note down any stains that you find. Show those stains to the staff at the dry cleaning company before you leave. You should also let them know what caused the stain in case you have that information. This information will help them to select the best dry cleaning products for those specific stains.

Check for Existing Damage

It is also helpful for you to check for any pre-existing damage to your clothes before you take them for dry cleaning. Check for missing buttons, loose threads or broken zippers. Alert the dry cleaners about those defects. The professionals will take any precautions necessary to prevent the damage from getting worse. They may also be in position to fix those defects before you pick up the clean clothes.

Empty Your Pockets

Remove all the contents of the pockets before you take your clothes to the dry cleaner. Some items, such as paperclips and coins may damage the clothes during the dry cleaning process. That damage can even extend to the clothes of other people in case your clothes are cleaned alongside those of other people.

It is also helpful to check the pockets of the clothes that you want to take for dry cleaning because you may have forgotten some valuables, such as a wallet, inside a pocket. It may be inconveniencing for you to go back to the dry cleaner's in order to retrieve such an item.

Protect the Clothes

You need to find a way to protect your clothes from direct sunlight or heat during transportation to the dry cleaner's premises. This is necessary because you may be distracted by work or any other engagement. The fibres of your clothes may weaken if they remain exposed to the sun in your car. Use a protective bag to carry your clothes. In this way, the clothes will not fade or weaken while in transit.

The dry cleaners usually do everything in their power to preserve the condition of your clothes. Use the suggestions above to avoid worsening the condition of your clothes before or during the dry cleaning process.

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