5 Beauty Therapy Courses That Can Increase Your Career Opportunities

Going to beauty school can mean opening up worlds of opportunity for anyone, as they can learn more than just how to cut and style hair; the right beauty therapy courses can allow someone to work in an upscale spa or offer specialized services from their home or in a client's home. If you're thinking of taking beauty therapy courses, note some classes that may translate into the most career opportunities for you.

1. Media makeup

Media makeup refers to makeup uses in media, including television and film. This might include courses on the makeup applied to look best under the hot lights of a TV news station, the makeup applied to men for TV and movie appearances, and specialized makeup used in movies.

2. Everyday makeup

Not every woman wants to look like a fashion model when she leaves the house, but she may still need pointers on how to apply her makeup for everyday wear. Taking a course on basic, natural makeup that helps a woman cover her flaws and emphasize her strong features can be something used in a variety of careers in spas and salons.

3. Medical aesthetics 

Medical aesthetics refers to medical procedures that are used to improve a person's appearance. These would not include surgeries such as facelifts but may include the administration of Botox, collagen injections, and the like. These types of procedures usually require stringent training and licensing, but they are very popular and being able to perform them can often increase a person's career opportunities, especially those looking to work in high-end salons.

4. Body treatments

While many people are concerned about the appearance of the skin on their face, they may also be concerned with the appearance and health of their skin elsewhere. Body treatments may include mud packs, body wraps, paraffin wax for hands and feet, and the like. Taking these courses might also open up a career path in high-end salons that offer these types of very involved, all-over treatments.

5. Beauty editor

If you love beauty and fashion magazines and picture yourself working in printed media, you might take courses on beauty editing. These can teach you the basics of how to spot trends in beauty, how to report on fashion shows, how to evaluate new cosmetics and products, and the like. These courses can fuse the world of writing and media and the world of makeup and beauty, giving you a number of career options from which to choose.

For more information about beauty therapy courses that may enhance your career options, contact a local beauty school. 

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