Selecting an Ideal Trolley for Your Hairdressing Business

The trolley is an important piece of furniture for hairdressing businesses, so it is important to ensure that your commercial space has the right match. Ideally, you should replace this item if it is old and when renovating to match the aesthetics of the refurbished salon. In addition, you can improve the efficiency of your business by buying a bigger trolley. In simple terms, a larger storage cart will allow you to mobilise more hairdressing products and devices around the hairdressing area. Regardless of the reason for purchase, here are the main aspects to consider when choosing a new salon trolley.

Fabrication Material

The material is a critical factor to consider when choosing a hairdressing trolley because it will affect the usability and durability of the new furniture. Generally, it is advisable to purchase a lightweight material that can be pushed around easily. In addition, the cart should not be vulnerable to damage from moisture, oils and beauty products around the salon. Plastic materials such as nylon, PVC, ABS and polyurethane are the most appropriate for general hairdressing applications.

The material is durable, resistant to adverse condition and requires minimal maintenance. Moreover, the purchase price is relatively low and assorted colours are available. On the other hand, you should note that some plastics are weak and prone to breakage. If you want a classier and more durable option, consider choosing a trolley that incorporates an aluminium supporting frame. Basically, this will have contact with the ground and hold the plastic storage compartments.

Trolley Design

When choosing the ideal design for your hairdressing trolley, you should think about accessibility. Simply speaking, the construction style of the storage cart should allow fast and efficient access to the beauty products and devices. Drawers are convenient because they allow protection of the items but a quick pull will give entry. You can choose lockable or simply closable drawers, depending on the security desired. In some cases, baskets sitting on the trolley shelves are expedient because they can be taken out completely when the entire cart is not required.


Hairdressing trolleys are mobile but not necessarily transportable. Therefore, if you perform tasks outside your premises, it is prudent to consider the portability of the cart. A portable trolley should not be too large for vehicle trunks and the wheels should be strong enough to handle rough surfaces. An extendable handhold is also valuable because you can pull the rig like a travelling suitcase. Inquire about these and other portability features before purchase.

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