Ways to Prevent Your Platinum Blonde Hair From Turning Brassy

Whether the saying that blondes have more fun is true or not, enough women in Australia are taken by the fresh look of platinum blonde hair to take to the bleach and dye their hair on a regular basis. If the bleaching job and maintenance of the hair is all of a high standard, platinum hair can look stunning. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, and one of the most common problems that women with dyed blonde hair face is their hair turning a brassy yellow-orange colour. So, after you've dyed your hair, how can you maintain an appealing icy platinum tone?

  • Invest in a shower filter. Before you start buying every colour protecting product on the shelf, you should think about the water you use to wash your hair every day. The water that comes out of your showerhead is full of mineral deposits, and the iron deposits found in water can be disastrous for platinum locks. But this is easily fixed by investing in a water filtration system that attaches to your showerhead. The system of reverse osmosis will purify the water so that only the cleanest water makes its way to your platinum hair.
  • Protect your hair from the sun. In the scorchingly hot Australian summer months, you don't only have to worry about ultraviolet rays finding their way to your skin, but also your blonde hair. Ultraviolet rays remove blue tones in hair, leaving hair looking brassy. Dyed hair is also drier than regular hair, and sun exposure will make it even more brittle. You can, however, protect your hair from discolouration and breakage by choosing a leave-in conditioner with UV protection. Spritz it on before you head to the beach, and you can enjoy the Australian summer while also maintaining platinum hair.
  • Purchase a purple shampoo. When you first squeeze purple shampoo out of the bottle, it can be a scary moment. But don't worry, unless you put the purple goo on your hair every day, your hair isn't going to transform into a lilac colour. This is the kind of shampoo you should only use a couple of times a week because purple is opposite orange on the colour wheel. The pigment therefore neutralises orange brassy tones. Beauty suppliers have really jumped on to the purple shampoo bandwagon recently, so you should have no trouble finding it in any beauty store, salon, or even supermarket. 

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