Three Social Media Steps to Building Your Salon Business

Social media has benefits of being a free alternative for businesses to get their name out. You don't have to pay for a blog, website, or marketing to reach new customers. That doesn't mean that a simple social media site will build your business. There are a few steps you need to take to get the salon clients you want. Here are three them to get you started on building your salon client base.

Look Books

Look books can be done as a picture slideshow or video. They are simple to put together and free if you use clients of the salon. Just ask your favourite clients if they would like to be part of the look book and offer them free salon treatments.

If they say yes then set-up a time and do a before picture and after picture. You can also do a before picture, pictures during the spa treatment, and the results. Put this slideshow together in free video editing software and post it to your social media. This will show clients what they can expect, the results you offer, and motivation to schedule an appointment.

Video Guides

There are several beauty treatments and skin treatments that potential clients know about, but they have no idea what to expect. If they think it is too involved or risky, they avoid the treatment. Some examples are waxing treatments, Botox treatments, various massage techniques, and hair weave techniques.

 By offering a video guide showing you walking through the process with a client, you can show other clients your work and what to expect. These videos also serve as a way for you to field common questions and a point of reference for clients with a lot of questions you may not have time to answer.

Specials and Discounts

You can also use your social media to reach out to current clients. Let your clients know if they add you on any of your social media platforms, they can receive a discount. Offer savings that only appear to those connected to you with specials for having people add you. This can bring in current customers who may not have been able to afford the spa service this month, but can with a discount. You can also run contests for new connections on your social media.

If you use these three methods with your social media, it will still take time, but you can build your business easily. If you are looking for a method that allows you to build your beauty salon business without spending an arm and a leg, then these methods may be ideal. For more information, contact Kaylene's Ella Baché Salon

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